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"Improve profitability and lower your risk profile with our intuitive dashboard and cutting-edge analytics-powered reports."

Andrew Wilmot
Chief Executive Officer

"Comprehensive cloud-based mineral management software that makes it easy to track and analyze the data from all of your holdings."

Kenneth Smith
Executive Vice President of Land

"Being able to track resources and assets in a organized simple solution that allow for cross departmental collaboration"

Amy Coello
Executive Vice President of Operations

"A mineral management software that offers a database which is user friendly and generates oil and gas reports from a variety of customized formats that are pleasing to mineral property managers and impress clients and accountants."

Neal Stover
Mineral Manager


MineralFile's cloud-based infrastructure relieves mineral managers and mineral owners of time and complexity of maintaining the chain of documentation and validation of investment income.

Product Highlights

  • Manage your oil and natural gas minerals and royalties using a web browser
  • Securely track your oil and natural gas royalty income – Includes support for Checkstub Connect from Oildex
  • Gain quick access to oil and gas income reports and assets summaries
  • Easily search through your oil and natural gas information for fast retrieval
  • Attach digital scans to your assets for storage and archival
  • Compare check stub production volumes to state data

Need a better way to manage your drilling and production operations?

Why MineralFile?

MineralFile was the first web-based mineral management software. But, being the first wasn’t enough. We wanted to be the best mineral management software. We have used our head start to continuously improve the quality of our software.

MineralFile is simple to use. From the moment you log in, it’s easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. We also assign every client a dedicated relationship manager. If you ever have any questions or issues you have a direct point of contact.

""Great Software for Asset Management""

"Saved many hours trying to organized all of assets and being able to save all the documents in one spot for easy access. Easily allows other departments to collaborate with each other. . . j.s "

What do you like best?

"very strong revenue and land reporting . . .s.m "

"I would highly consider using this product especially if your company currently does not have a good solution for asset tracking. . . j.b. "

Recommendations to others considering the product

"What benefits have you realized? Being able to track resources and assets in a organized simple solution that allow for cross departmental collaboration. . .e.s "

What business problems are you solving with the product?

Our clients love all of the reporting features. We understand that data is critical to the successful management of mineral rights and royalties. But, we also understand that raw data isn’t enough. You need the ability to quickly sort and analyze the data.

Our proprietary algorithms and internal analytics allow you to get the exact information you need, right when you need it, so you make the best decisions about the mineral resources under your control.

MineralFile is the most cost-effective online mineral management software. You have secure access to your data from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You also have instant access to industry-leading reports and analytics.

We make it easy for you to maximize your profits, reduce your risks, and quickly move on new opportunities.

Types of MineralFile Reports 

Anyone can collect data from mines and wells. The real value in mineral management software is the ability to make sense of all of your data. MineralFile has the best analytics and reporting functions in the industry.

Running the exact report, you only need a few clicks.

If you can surf the web, you can use MineralFile.

Some examples of the types of reports our clients run include:

Land Reports

  • Engineering report that lists leases and wells for producing wells by state, county, and interest type
  • Report that lists conveyances in form style by state and county
  • Report that displays contact information for operators
  • Report with full deed details for a grantor by state and county
  • List of all leases in order of their expiration date
  • And Many More

Revenue Reports

  • Chart showing owner’s net income by production month
  • Chart showing production volume by well
  • Report that lists all well revenue data by production date and production type
  • List well revenue data for a specific well
  • List all well revenue data for a given check number
  • And Many More

How MineralFile Works

MineralFile runs on a secure, remote cloud-based server. Your data is easy for you and your authorized representatives to access. We use the latest encryption technology to keep your data and sensitive information safe from unauthorized access.

MineralFile fully integrates with Checkstub Connect from Oildex. You can easily and securely track your oil and natural gas income.

Our software was designed with you in mind. The user dashboard is intuitive and straightforward. It should never take you more than a few clicks to get precisely what you need.

You can easily search through your information to retrieve what you need. You can also upload digital scans to your assets for storage and archival.

Mineral File is the best online mineral management software on the market. It’s also the most cost-effective. But, you don’t have to take our word for it.

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